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KSitM Spiritual Anniversary

Last year, my buddy Steven and I started doing a live "Morning Show" every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We had a lot of fun doing it, and enjoyed being able to interact with viewers live during the show through various chat/IM/social-media methods.

Today is not the actual anniversary of our first show. Our first show aired December 8th, so I'm a little late wishing a true happy anniversary... but today is a kind of a Spiritual Anniversary of the show. When we aired our very first show, that happened to be the day our building hosted a Christmas Breakfast; we were kind of rude, and sat there on our show eating our food while we were live, heh. Today is the day of this year's building-hosted Christmas Breakfast, which has caused me to think back to when Steven and I fired up the cameras for the first time.

Those were some good times. Here's that first show, where we talked about cross-contamination pet peeves, movie plans, and Christmas presents:

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  1. Back when we had cubes…ahhh those were the days.

  2. Not only was it a Christmas breakfast, it was my day off. I totally honey badgered that episode. I think the most telling part of the whole episode is the box of Pop-Tarts behind you.

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