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Character Profile: Engineer

Game Champions Online
Name Engineer
Archetype Freeform - Gadgeteering
Travel Teleportation
Energy Gen
Sonic Blaster
Passive Medical Nanites

I created this character during the Beta, and recreated him when the game went live. Engineer is my homage to The Engineer in TF2 - a fact made even more evident by this character's biography:

Kenneth has always been a team player, and there was a time when he was content to stick to a supporting role. That all changed when the Invasion struck, and his bat-wielding best friend died in his arms.

Picking up what he could, Kenneth pulled the light down on his hardhat, and exchange his trusty wrench for his newly constructed Sonic Blaster, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Everyone still calls him 'Engineer,' just like in his old team days. And that's just fine by him.

I have a lot of fun with this character. I use two of the pets from Gadgeteering, the Munitions Bots and the Support Drones. I threw a few powers from the Power Armor set, only where it made sense, to add a little flavor. I can stay alive for a long time with this set up, so long as I'm not taking too much heavy focus fire, heh.

==[ UPDATE ]====

Massive changes to the game a while back caused all my old characters to have all their stats and powers reset. I basically had to rebuild Engineer from the ground up 🙁  Here are screenshots of his stats, specs, and powers as of right now (9/26/2012):


Character Profile: Scopes

Resistance Fighter, Scopes

Game City of Heroes
Name Scopes
Archetype Corruptor
Origin Technology
Primary Duel Pistol
Secondary Pain Domination

Scopes is my Duel Wielding Corruptor (sic). Yes, I said Corruptor. Though Scopes fights for the Resistance in Pretoria, I chose to use the Villain archetype, Corruptor. That's one of the fantastic things about the Going Rogue expansion: You're able to play along the lines of Morality, creating deeper, more complex, character development than before. A traditionally "evil" archetype, seeing the corruption (heh) of  Emperor Cole, can come to the aid of the populous - Having a deeper concern for the general well-being of the population than for his own petty criminal activities, is one of the things you were not able to do in the old Black and White, Good and Evil system of City of Heroes/Villains. With Going Rogue, however, you can... and are encouraged to.


Revisiting the Return to CoH

Going Rogue's Maelstrom

In my last post I mentioned how I was trying out the new Demon Summoning Mastermind power set. It was double xp weekend, and I ran around with a buddy of mine (who also picked up Demon Summoning), getting ourselves close to level 20 before the weekend was up.

Unfortunately, Sunday night I was just sitting there in Praetoria and suddenly became aware of something: I hated my character. I liked the demons I was summoning, but I didn't like the rest of that power set; I found the whip attacks to be slow, clumsy, boring, and lacking in variety. Here I was, nearly lvl 20, and in every fight I was relying on my veteran reward powers to get me through. Don't get me wrong, the veteran reward powers are great, and I've never minded using them, but they've always been supplemental powers to me before. This was the first time that these powers had become my main attacking force, and the actual power set powers fell back into supporting roles. I didn't like that feeling at all.

Sunday night, around 10PM, the last night of double xp weekend, I created a new character.

I decided to try out duel pistols. I haven't had so much fun playing in a very long time 🙂 Granted, progression is much slower for me now (well.. progression is normal for me now, since we're back to slandered xp gains), but the only veteran reward power I have on my hotbar is Sands of Mu.

I'm feeling much, much better about this character and his progression. I'm really looking forward to leveling this guy up 😀

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Return to Paragon City

City of Heroes Going Rogue

Well... I did it. I resubbed for City of Heroes. I was playing EQII for a while, with some folks from the office, but it recently had a F2P account option added, so there was no real harm in my switching account types. Since I can only realistically subscribe to a single MMO at a time, I was torn between going back to CoH, or going back to EVE Online.

Now, don't get me wrong - I love, love, love EVE Online! But I decided to go with CoH for two reasons: 1) CoH is actually a little cheaper than EVE. But more importantly, 2) I have more friends who play CoH. One of these days I'll get my spacefaring butt back into EVE ... either once I find more disposable income, or if I manage to get my hands on a comped account, heh ;P

Oh, I also picked up the Going Rogue expansion for CoX, so I've created a new character to run through all the new areas. For those interested, I've picked up Mastermind - Demon Summoning, which they didn't have the last time I played, so I'm pretty excited 😀

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