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City of Heroes Going Rogue

Well… I did it. I resubbed for City of Heroes. I was playing EQII for a while, with some folks from the office, but it recently had a F2P account option added, so there was no real harm in my switching account types. Since I can only realistically subscribe to a single MMO at a time, I was torn between going back to CoH, or going back to EVE Online.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love, love, love EVE Online! But I decided to go with CoH for two reasons: 1) CoH is actually a little cheaper than EVE. But more importantly, 2) I have more friends who play CoH. One of these days I’ll get my spacefaring butt back into EVE … either once I find more disposable income, or if I manage to get my hands on a comped account, heh ;P

Oh, I also picked up the Going Rogue expansion for CoX, so I’ve created a new character to run through all the new areas. For those interested, I’ve picked up Mastermind – Demon Summoning, which they didn’t have the last time I played, so I’m pretty excited 😀