Stepping into the Mists

Image sampled from Sunqua Peak: Journey to a Sacred Land

I’ve got my sword, sensible shoes, and my fighting coiffure. What else do I need?

Lord Faren

Today – Friday, January 22, 2021 – is my last day at ArenaNet.

As I step into the mists to leave Tyria and move on to new things, I am overwhelmed with emotion. Working on Guild Wars 2 these last four (going on five) years has been an adventure full of friends, learning, growth, and professional development. I wouldn’t trade it for anything 🧡

I am very proud of the work I’ve done here; a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into these experiences to see them grow from initial idea to fully developed content. Nevertheless, it’s with great humility that I hope the mark I’ve left on the GW2 world is one players will regard with fondness long after I’m gone.

There are so many talented people here whom I will miss terribly – so much commodore and skill refinement, debating game theory, player engagement, and game psychology. I’m really going to miss the people with whom I’ve developed a strong rapport here, and I wish every single one of them massive heaps of success.

Now comes that question everyone inevitably asks once I say I’m leaving ArenaNet – Where to now? I’m heading over to Global Worldwide to work on Kingdom Maker. I am very excited about this move and am really looking forward to getting to work with some amazing people on what promises to be a spectacular game.

But that starts Monday … for right now, today, I am still exchanging chat-hugs and zoom-toasts with my Guild Wars 2 family. But never fear – in the world of video game developers, your family only ever grows larger as you move, not smaller. The friends made here will be friends embraced again when paths inevitably cross in the future.

Farewell, ArenaNet…

Farewell, Guild Wars 2…

Farewell, Lord Faren… I think I shall miss you most of all 💖