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Guild Wars 2 – Guild Chat “Long Live the Lich” (LWS4E3)

What? Who's that on Guild Chat! Oh yeah, it's me 😀  Here's the video for it, in case you want to check it out. Some industrious fan took it upon themselves to create a transcript of the dialog; so, if you would rather read it (or read along 😛 heh), check out the transcript on the wiki:

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Guild Wars 2 – Developer Let’s Play Siren’s Landing (LWS03E06)

This morning, I joined fellow teammates Alina and Nick in a Developer Let's Play of the new Guild Wars 2 map, Siren's Landing, released in Season 03 Episode 06, One Path Ends (wiki).

I admit, I was apprehensive leading up to the livestream, but I had such a great time. We were playing on live, and it was very cool to have so many players come out and join us for the play through.

My only regret is we weren't able to see any of the Twitch chat. The embedded video below doesn't include chat replay, saddly, so if you would like to check out the chat in "real time" with the video, head over to the following URL:

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