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Blogging and Research

I'll admit it: I'm a lousy blogger :\  One need only look at the dates on my last few posts to see that I very rarely post anything; and lately, when I do, it's been lacking in any real content. So very sad .. *sigh*

The number one hurdle for me is Research. If there's some topic I feel hot-blooded enough about, so that I want to sit down and get my own view on the subject posted in a blog entry, I can't just spew my own feelings onto the page without first doing research on the topic. I am compelled to use the correct lingo, have the right buzz-words, define terms, and link to outside sources of information when I make reference to them.

All those things make for a great post, I'm sure, but they're also very time consuming ... for me, anyway.

For example, a few topics I've been wanting to get down on 'paper' are: The Occupy Movement; Homosexuality, Scripture, and Modern Organized Religion; Morally Centered Lawmaking vs. Theocracy; Sabbath Worship in an Apostate Sunday World.  Sheesh... not that I have any overblown sense of  importance, thinking that the public is just desperate for my personal slant on things, but a blog is a blog is a blog, mirite? And if I'm going to spew my own thoughts on a subject, I should have decency to present the reader with at least as much information as *I* had when formulating my own opinion.

So... yeah, there you go. Just a quick post to help explain why my posting has been pretty slow of late.

Lacey Mai
Lacey Mai

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