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Blasting off from Nexus


It seems like I only update this blog when I either leave a studio or join one. That was never intentional :X  But here we are, none the less...


WildStar Credits - Creature Combat

As I'm sure you have heard from other sources, Carbine Studios had a round of layoffs on Friday, March 11. 2016. I was caught up in that round of layoffs and found myself without a job :\  This is sad, to be sure, as I was having a great deal of fun working on WildStar.

But we all know the risks when working in the video game industry, don't we. Did I know that this was going to happen? Well... considering some of the things that happened behind the curtin, yes, I figured this was coming down the pike, but I didn't think it was going to happen so quickly or cut so deeply.

Please know I have nothing but respect for Carbine Studios in general and WildStar specifically. I have a lot of fun playing WildStar and will continue playing it for as long as I can 🙂 In fact... look at that! Go to the Carbine Studios website, and there's me in the group photo (yellow circle)!!

Carbine group photo

Carbine group photo - That's me, circled in yellow!

So... the obvious question is, where am I headed next?!  That's a good question - I'm really not sure. I will, however, be sure to keep everyone updated on what I'm doing 🙂


New Job – New City


A few days ago I posted on Facebook that I had accepted a new job. Here is the promised update, giving some more details 🙂

Later this month, I will start working for Carbine Studios, located in beautiful Aliso Viejo, CA, as a Senior Systems Designer on WildStar. I am extremely excited about this, and am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this new opportunity.

As an extra special added bonus, I will be reunited with Steven, so who knows, we may have more episodes of Keaven & Steven in the Morning in the near future! 😀



End of my Mythic Journey


It is with heavy heart I report I am leaving Mythic Entertainment. I have worked with Mythic since 2007, and it quickly became my family. I have made long-lasting friendships with a wide variety of people, thanks to my employment here; friends, not only with those I worked with, but also with fans and players of the game.

These last few years in particular have been very rewarding for me, particularly with respect to the player base – We started communicating more directly with players, bouncing ideas around in “hypothetical” dev discussions, and got a much better idea of where the player base was head-space wise.

Being more collaborative with the players resulted in some amazing development cycles. I’m by no means saying everything was perfect – there was a lot I could have done better, in hindsight, but I think we really managed to take some giant steps forward as well, as non-perfect as those steps may have been.

As I look back over my time with WAR, my only regret is not being as involved with the community as we have been over this last year. I have done some of my best growth, thanks to the fires the community lit under me.

My heart breaks to walk away from WAR, and from my family at Mythic… But the time to go, and explore new growth and new career possibilities, has come; and though it does hurt to leave, I have nothing but love for my Mythic family, and for my WAR player base brothers & sisters.

Thank you all for some of the best years of my life… and I’ll see you on the battlefield!



Three-Minute Fiction – Submission

I participated in Round 8 of NPR's Three-Minute Fiction contest. If you follow the link, you'll notice I did not win. A shameful day for  House Freeman.

If you're unfamiliar with the contest... <nutshell> they give you a sentence, and this sentence must be the first sentence of your story, and the story must be under 600 words. </nutshell>

It would have been against the rules of the contest for me to share my story before it was over, but now that a winner has been chosen, I don't think there's any harm in posting my story here. I hope you enjoy it.


"She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally decided to walk through the door."

The sentence hung in the air, as the silence that followed made Dave increasingly uncomfortable – his hands still poised at the end of the “picture it” gesture he used as he rattled it off. The Committee members looked at one another uncomfortably, with darting glances to the Chairman trying to gauge his reaction. Dave, feeling the increasing weight of the silence, felt his smile and expression begin to creep from one of proud self-confidence, to more of a tense anxiety.

The Chairman briefly tilted his hands up on the table and asked, “Is that it?”

Dave lowered his hands, shifting his weight from foot to foot awkwardly. He tried to smile and sound enthusiastic again, despite the tone in the Chairman’s voice creating a sea of doubt in his mind, “Well, yeah. See, it’s totally open – both the front and the end are a mystery: Who is this woman? What is she reading? Why is her movement through the door described as ‘finally?’ Writers can take this in just about any direction!”

More silence, save a single uncomfortable cough from somewhere in the room.

“Uh huh.” The Chairman picked up his tablet and started typing; his expression a mixture of annoyed and uncaring.

Dave looked to the other members of the Committee for some kind of reassurance and support, but found only active attempts to avoid his gaze. After a few moments of this, Dave clears his throat with some trepidation, and attempts to state his case again, “Mr. Chairman, sir, if you would…”

But he is cut off. The Chairman puts his tablet down with enough force for the sound of it hitting the table to stop Dave mid sentence.

“No, Mr. Francis, I will not. This committee prides itself on the fostering of literacy in general, and creative writing in particular. This year’s contest was to be something special – to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Reestablishment of Order.” He pauses for emphases. The rest of the committee begins to shrink in their chairs. “All you, and your team, had to do was develop a seed sentence that the populace could then use as the start of their submissions, and you have the audacity to walk into this room and hand me this piece of CRAP,” his fist meets the table with sufficient force to launch the closest water classes an inch into the air, “and expect me to put my stamp of approval on it.”

Dave has taken the pallor of a ghost. Would he but take on the ethereal qualities of one as well, he would have sunk through the floor at that very moment.

The Chairman makes a quick motion with his arm, and barks at the poor man standing at the opposite end of the table, “Get out.”

A last plea; a final attempt at redemption, “But sir…”



“Y… Yes sir.” Dave leaves the room, the heavy weight of embarrassment and shame pressing down on his shoulders. As masked officers of the Order Guard take step beside him, leading him to what very well may be his final moments of life, David Francis hears the echoed voice of the Chairman addressing the rest of the committee.

“Okay, so now what. Does anyone have any GOOD ideas for this year’s National Pride Revitalization contest?”


Blogging and Research

I'll admit it: I'm a lousy blogger :\  One need only look at the dates on my last few posts to see that I very rarely post anything; and lately, when I do, it's been lacking in any real content. So very sad .. *sigh*

The number one hurdle for me is Research. If there's some topic I feel hot-blooded enough about, so that I want to sit down and get my own view on the subject posted in a blog entry, I can't just spew my own feelings onto the page without first doing research on the topic. I am compelled to use the correct lingo, have the right buzz-words, define terms, and link to outside sources of information when I make reference to them.

All those things make for a great post, I'm sure, but they're also very time consuming ... for me, anyway.

For example, a few topics I've been wanting to get down on 'paper' are: The Occupy Movement; Homosexuality, Scripture, and Modern Organized Religion; Morally Centered Lawmaking vs. Theocracy; Sabbath Worship in an Apostate Sunday World.  Sheesh... not that I have any overblown sense of  importance, thinking that the public is just desperate for my personal slant on things, but a blog is a blog is a blog, mirite? And if I'm going to spew my own thoughts on a subject, I should have decency to present the reader with at least as much information as *I* had when formulating my own opinion.

So... yeah, there you go. Just a quick post to help explain why my posting has been pretty slow of late.

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ReBooter’s Remorse

Ack! What have I done?!

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