Through the Eyes of Keaven [insert wit here]


End of my Mythic Journey


It is with heavy heart I report I am leaving Mythic Entertainment. I have worked with Mythic since 2007, and it quickly became my family. I have made long-lasting friendships with a wide variety of people, thanks to my employment here; friends, not only with those I worked with, but also with fans and players of the game.

These last few years in particular have been very rewarding for me, particularly with respect to the player base – We started communicating more directly with players, bouncing ideas around in “hypothetical” dev discussions, and got a much better idea of where the player base was head-space wise.

Being more collaborative with the players resulted in some amazing development cycles. I’m by no means saying everything was perfect – there was a lot I could have done better, in hindsight, but I think we really managed to take some giant steps forward as well, as non-perfect as those steps may have been.

As I look back over my time with WAR, my only regret is not being as involved with the community as we have been over this last year. I have done some of my best growth, thanks to the fires the community lit under me.

My heart breaks to walk away from WAR, and from my family at Mythic… But the time to go, and explore new growth and new career possibilities, has come; and though it does hurt to leave, I have nothing but love for my Mythic family, and for my WAR player base brothers & sisters.

Thank you all for some of the best years of my life… and I’ll see you on the battlefield!


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  1. Best of luck to you.

  2. Good luck to you Keaven

  3. Keaven, you will be missed. Here’s to running into you in virtaul future. Good hunting and best of luck where fortunes find you. – Grimm

  4. Thank you Keaven for all see you see you (of the French comunity)

  5. Good luck Keaven. Best of luck in everything you do.

  6. Sorry to see you go Keaven, you have done a great job listening to a sometimes difficult community and changing the game for the better. All the best in the future with your career, friendships and family.


  7. Will miss you Keaven! You most definitely went above and beyond the call of your job title. It’s great how connected you were to the community, and I value that greatly. I hope that you keep that connection, and wish you all the best in finding a company which recognizes you for the dedicated individual you are.

  8. Your willingness to communicate has been greatly appreciated. You will be missed. Best of luck.

  9. You will be missed, best of luck to you!

  10. I hope you could find another Job in EA ?
    If no, is it announced the end of WAR ?

  11. Na chwile obecna gracze trailowi moga bawic sie w war na T1 chaos oczywiscie zaczynaja tam wszystkie rasy bez wzgledu na to czy maja subskrypcje czy sa trailami …doprowadzilo to do tego ze t1 elf / green sa tak naprawda pustymi lokacjami na ktorych nic sie nie dzieje…przez takie zalozenie i blad developerow gry nastapil brak plynnosci graczy między tierami gdzie T2 jest lokcja z bardzo niska iloscia graczy a praktycznie ich brakiem sytuacja ma sie nieco lepiej w T3 bo gracze z39 lv maxuja tam revon i nie nabijaja 40 lv by nie zablokowac sobie lokacji 3Tierowych no i duzo liczba graczy na t4. t4 nas nie interesuje bo najwazniejszy jest sam poczatek gry by zachecić  nowych graczy to war… niestety T1 chaos jako open zone nie spelnia tego zalożenia gdyż sam obszar rvr jest zbyt maly i monotonny i po za zdobywaniem 3bo co 10 min nic sie tam nie dzieje nic nie oferuje ..gracze ktorzy chca sprobowac war niemaja okazji poznac mechaniki gry i jej zalorzeń niemaja okazji pograc w duzych Wb  pozdobywac zamki w bardziej klimatycznej lokacji przez co szybko zniechecaja sie do war… juz na samym poczatku samego trailu a co za tym idzie niechętni sa do kupienia subskrypcji gdyz na dobra sprawe T1 nie oferuje graczon niczego nie daje tego tzw przedsmaku tego co powinno byc dalej a czego i tak nie ma bo t2 jest pusty.

  12. You never did fix Shamans!

  13. Nobwaart  I know 🙁  We were about to start a series of career updates when they pulled the rug out from under me. We were starting with Sorc and Bright Wizard, if I remember correctly, but Shamans were on the list of things to address.

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