Fare Thee Well, My Sweet Ardendale

As I write this post, the sun has yet to shine its rays on this my final day with Global Worldwide. I sit here, packing my carriage, with the horses pointed toward the edge of Ardendale’s borders, and I can’t help but reflect on my time with Kingdom Maker.

This was my first time working on a mobile game, and it has been an amazing experience. Learning a new design philosophy for a different segment of the industry was thrilling, and the nature of the game’s genre meant the team was looking to bring in elements of game design more reminiscent of MMOs and fantasy RPGs. This was truly an exciting project to be part of, and I’m proud of the work I did in overhauling the Noble’s system.

I’m really going to miss working with this team.  Though we were few in number, we managed feats of greatness that I will forever be proud of us for while simultaneously amazed we actually pulled off. 😆

But … opportunity knocked.

Blizzard Entertainment reached out to me about a position with one of their World of Warcraft teams, and I couldn’t resist.  The one huge logistical downside?  It means moving back down to Southern California.  This is going to be very strange – going into an office again for the first time in, what, four and a half years?  I mean, how am do office, even?  

Bitter-sweet times.  Exciting times, to be sure, but definitely bitter-sweet.  I will miss you, sweet, verdant Ardendale. Watch your borders, my friends.