Character Profile: Scopes

Resistance Fighter, Scopes
Game City of Heroes
Name Scopes
Archetype Corruptor
Origin Technology
Primary Duel Pistol
Secondary Pain Domination

Scopes is my Duel Wielding Corruptor (sic). Yes, I said Corruptor. Though Scopes fights for the Resistance in Pretoria, I chose to use the Villain archetype, Corruptor. That’s one of the fantastic things about the Going Rogue expansion: You’re able to play along the lines of Morality, creating deeper, more complex, character development than before. A traditionally “evil” archetype, seeing the corruption (heh) of  Emperor Cole, can come to the aid of the populous – Having a deeper concern for the general well-being of the population than for his own petty criminal activities, is one of the things you were not able to do in the old Black and White, Good and Evil system of City of Heroes/Villains. With Going Rogue, however, you can… and are encouraged to.

Even within the two middle-ground areas of Loyalists and Resistance you can choose sides: As a Loyalist, you can honestly feel that Emperor Cole’s rule is just, and fight to quell the rebellion because this way is the only way, or you can see the Empire as a way to glean more power for yourself. Within the Resistance, you can fight against Cole’s regime because you feel the people deserve their freedom, or because you get joy out of spreading anarchy. And as you progress through various story arcs, you are presented with multiple forks, where you can do work with one side or the other. Mixing and matching mission lines can further enrich your experience, making your character as morally gray and ambiguous as you want.

Scopes, though coming from a Villainous Archetype, has decided to put his petty crime aside, seeing a greater threat in the oppressive rule of Emperor Cole. Will he come out of this a full fledged Hero? Who’s to say. Every choice you make through these early levels helps to shape your eventual moral standing in the game (which, if what I read is correct, solidifies around level 20). I’m doing my best to approach each choice as in-the-moment as I can, as one would if it was real life, to see where he will end up.

[Update: I totally forgot to say what his Origin and Secondary Powersets were! This was a very poor character profile. My bad. Sorry guys.]

See that little doohickey on his arm? That baby allows Scopes to access his lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems to help control pain and healing. Over the years, he has learned jury rigged the device to allow it to affect those nearby as well. In extreme cases, he is able to overload the device in order to resuscitate an unconscious ally.