RIP Jewel the Dog

RIP Jewel - 02/06/2011

The afternoon of Sunday, February 6, 2011, John and I took our dogs (Kirby and Pipi) over to my parents house. My brother’s dog, Jewel, a beautiful brindle Boxer, has stayed at my parents house for the past few years and quickly became part of the family, thanks to her sweet disposition, and cuddly affection towards everyone who walked through the door.

Jewel loved playing with Kirby and Pipi. She would spend time at our place when my parents would go on vacation – usually just a weekend here or there, but occasionally we would get to watch her for whole weeks at a time. She was always the best behaved dog in the house, and would constantly be trying to get the two boys to play tag!

I’m very, very happy we got to go over to the house yesterday for them to play together again. It turns out, it would be the last time.

My mom called me this evening to inform me Jewel suffered a major stroke yesterday, shortly after we had left. She had suffered from ongoing heath problems, and this last year had been particularly hard on her. For the sake of the pain she had been in, this is a blessing – she can finally be at peace. We, however, are now suffering the pain losing her has caused.

She was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. Though she has always been my brother’s dog, and he loved her more than anything, Jewel padded her way into my heart, with those big brown eyes full of affection, and the way she would cuddle up to you as though she was trying her damnedest to give you a hug.

Rest in peace, sweet Jewel. You will be sorely missed. I think God you are no longer in pain, and thank you for the years of love you gave me and my family. You will never be forgotten.